XCORT team have 17years work experience skillful of power tools in manufactures.We starting OEM brand for western europe countires,such as B&Q(http://www.diy.com),Leroy Merlin (http://www.leroymerlin.fr),IKEA(http://www.ikea.com),OBI(http://www.obi.de),Basuhaus(http://www.bauhaus.ch),Praktiker(http://www.praktiker.gr), Hornbach(http://www.hornbach.de),etc.super chain stores,and also supplying brands such as:Skil,bosch,Stanley,black&deker,  ryobi,world glass brands. so from these we know the tools much well.
   5years ago, we invested a brand prescott as started and its successfully supplying to  the market of south asian, middle east, africa, and latin america countries. And at the same time in china already have come out many brands such as : Woxk, Devon, Dongcheng, Crown, Dera, Sencan, Ingco,Total. so many already exsited in market and each of them have their own advantage points.
   XCORT brand set up is connected all these advantage points, XCORT is an union between suppliers and distributors which connects the production world with the distribution network facilitating the mutual benefits.
   In the world wide of the power tools 75% are made in china, china only three places have tools industrial, located in zhejiang, jiangshu, guangdong provinces. We are in zhejiang.
Trusted everyday Maintain principles of transparency and openness, conducting business with integrity and fairness. XCORT's brands make every day just a little better for all of consumers around the world.
 Quality and testing Our products are subjected to a wide protocol of control testing, from QA to QC we have the full control on the quality of the products and its parts. Our test center is a resource of the group we keep enforce this area consciuos that is the key of succesfull products.
Stock At Xcort we have developed a wide range of our own Brand to cover all the market segments and to fulfill the necessities of the users. We continuosly improving our product range and after sales service in order to meet the demand of our customer.

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